Horseshoe Settlement 1925, Rehabilitation in Accordance with Listed Building Regulations 2015

Architect Bruno Taut, Hufeisensiedlung, Berlin Britz, Unesco World Heritage Site

During the refurbishment of a residential building in the Hufeisensiedlung in Berlin Britz, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, special emphasis was placed on combining energy efficiency and monument protection. At the same time, the building was to meet today’s requirements and fulfil the needs of its new users.

The colours of the famous architect Bruno Taut, which are considered groundbreaking, could be left visible in the original. In addition, up to five old layers of paint were removed in some areas and the original layer of silicate paints was reconstructed according to a pigment analysis in a manner appropriate to the monument. The use of these mineral `germination paints’ guarantees a colour-tone-stable and long-lasting coating, as it permanently bonds with the plaster substrate instead of just ‘sticking’ to it.

Through the juxtaposition of old & new, the differently processed colour surfaces experience a mutual emphasis. The reconstructed surfaces are clearly distinguished from the original.

In the course of the energy renovation, moisture damage was also repaired. The new roof insulation was installed in such a way that any condensation water can dry off inside the building. Further damage to the roof structure was prevented and protection against cold and summer heat was optimised. All measures were planned and carried out in close consultation with the owners and the heritage protection authority.

project data

Bruno Taut Settlement UNESCO World Heritage Site

Service phases 1-5: Johannes Leyer
Service phases 6-8: Arnaud Bauman

Construction time: 2015

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