Change of Use Establishment of a Neighbourhood Room on the Dragonerareal

Berlin Kreuzberg

In a section of the existing former stable building of the so-called Dragonerareal, a new Kiezraum was established. As accompanying measures, barrier-free access and barrier-free sanitary areas were created. For reasons of monument protection, structural interventions were only allowed to take place without impairing the historical substance. The planning for the new use took place in a cooperative process with the users of the neighbourhood space. At times, the implementation took place parallel to the use of the building.

In addition to the HOAI services, the office partnership | bfl also dealt with the monument law issues and fire protection.

project data

Builder: Public

Services: HOAI LP 1-8, fire protection, monument protection
Processing period 2017-2022

Project management: Johannes Leyer
Collaboration: Hanieh Razavi, Gonca Yilmaz, Jil Volkmar

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